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  • White Paper: How to minimize standard deviations by correct sample preparation

    Modern analytical methods increase precision and push detection limits to make even the smallest traces of sample components detectable. Despite this development sample preparation, which is carried out prior to the actual analysis, is frequently neglected. Errors caused by lacking accuracy in sample preparation have a much bigger impact than errors made during analysis. Just like an iceberg which is mostly hidden under water, only a small part of the sum of errors is perceived whereas the major part of potential errors is not taken into account (fig. 1). One of the reasons may be the fact that sampling and sample preparation have always been done in a traditional way which has become a routine over the years and is no longer considered as having a critical influence on the subsequent analyses.

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  • 環境負荷物質の検出(RoHS/WEEE)

    電子部品廃棄物の試料調製 ラジコンカーの分析用試料調製の方法を説明しています。  プラスチックの顔料に含まれるカドミウム、ハンダ中の鉛、ケーブルの難燃材に含まれるPBBなど、電子部品の中には有害物質が含まれている可能性が数多くあります。EUの有害物質規制に関する指令(WEEE/RoHS)が2006年7月に発令されて以来、機器メーカー、部品メーカー、材料メーカー、およびリサイクル業者は、その対応に迫られています。
  • Mulino a taglienti SM 300 – Affinamento di un sistema di macinazione ben affermato

    I mulini a taglienti vengono utilizzati in diverse aree della preparazione dl campione alle analisi successive. Tipiche applicazioni includono la riduzione di combustibili da rifiuto, la macinazione di campioni di biomasse per ricerche nell’ambito delle energie rinnovabili, il controllo dei prodotti nell’abito delle normative RoHS and WEEE, o nel recupero dei materiali preziosi – la varietà di campione è notevole.
  • Silicio per l’energia solare

    I semiconduttori sono utilizzati per una grande varietà di applicazioni elettroniche, come circuiti integrati (microprocessori, microcontrollori, ecc.) rilevatori ottici e sorgenti di radiazioni (es. emettitori di luce), ma in modo particolare per i fotovoltaici, tramite i quali l’energia solare viene trasformata in potenza elettrica. Per la maggior parte delle applicazioni, il silicio è il materiale semiconduttore scelto.
  • La Fragmentación

    Por lo general se asocia a la noción "fragmentación", el machacamiento, de sustancias sólidas mediante fuerza mecánica. Pero también la división de líquidos en gotas o de gases en bollas representa un proceso de fragmentación.
  • La nueva generación de molinas planetarios de bolas

    Los más precisos resultados de trituración en el más breve tiempo se consiguen con los nuevos molinos planetarios de bolas, de Retsch. Con el PM100 y el PM200, Retsch presenta una nueva generación de molinos planetarios de bolas con uno o dos unidades de trituración, que establecen nuevos estándares de rendimiento en este segmento de la producción.
  • Molienda ultrarrápida y ultrafina

    El nuevo molino ultracentrífugo ZM 200 de RETSCH es un molino de rotor no sólo extremadamente rápido y cuidadoso con el material molido, sino también de uso universal gracias a su amplia gama de accesorios.
  • Eiskalt Zerkleinert

    Die meisten Probenmaterialien lassen sich durch die Wahl des geeigneten Zerkleinerungsgerätes problemlos mahlen. Die Beanspruchungsmechanismen wie Prall, Druck, Scherung, Schneiden, Reibung reichen bei Raumtemperatur aus, um das Material auf die benötigte Partikelgröße zu zerkleinern. Was aber kann man tun, wenn die mechanische Beanspruchung allein nicht ausreicht, um das Probenmaterial in möglichst kleine Partikel zu überführen? Eine Lösung dieser Problematik bietet der Einsatz von Flüssigstickstoff, der das Bruchverhalten solcher Materialien begünstigt.
  • Kolloidvermahlungen zur Erzeugung von Nanopartikeln

    Nanoteilchen, d.h. Partikel mit einem Durchmesser von weniger als 100 Nanometer, werden seit vielen Jahren von Wissenschaftlern erforscht. Zum einen lassen sie sich im „Bottom-up“ Verfahren aus Atomen oder Molekülen synthetisieren. Im “Top-Down“ Verfahren hingegen werden größere Partikel, z.B. mit Hilfe von Labormühlen, zerkleinert. Kleine Partikel weisen durch das extrem vergrößerte Verhältnis von Oberfläche zu Volumen erhöhte Oberflächenladungen auf, so dass die Partikel elektrostatisch zueinander gezogen werden. Daher können Nanopartikel nur durch Nassvermahlung (Kolloidvermahlung) erzeugt werden.
  • Thermoelektrische Wandler - Eine Technologie aus der Raumfahrt

    Mechanisches Legieren von thermoeletrischen Materialien für die Raumfahrt, entwickelt vom Institut für Werkstoff-Forschung in Köln, Arbeitsgruppe "Thermoelektrische Materialien".
  • Emax - The Revolution in Ultrafine Grinding

    The Emax is an entirely new type of ball mill which was specifically designed by RETSCH for high energy milling. The impressive speed of 2,000 min-1, so far unrivaled in a ball mill, in combination with the special grinding jar design generates a vast amount of size reduction energy. The unique combination of impact, friction and circulating grinding jar movement results in ultrafine particle sizes in the shortest amount of time. Thanks to the new liquid cooling system, excess thermal energy is quickly discharged preventing both sample and mill from overheating, even after long grinding times.
  • White Paper: Representative Analysis Results Require Adequate Sample Preparation

    A faultless and comparable analysis is closely linked to an accurate sample handling. Only a sample representative of the initial material can provide meaningful analysis results. Rotating dividers and rotary tube dividers are an important means to ensure the representativeness of a sample and thus the reproducibility of the analysis. Correct sample handling consequently minimizes the probability of a production stop due to incorrect analysis results. Thus correct sample handling is the key to effective quality control.
  • CryoMill - Cryogenic grinding was never more convenient or efficient

    Some sample materials have properties which make size reduction at ambient temperature impossible. If, for example, very elastic materials need to be ground or volatile components have to be preserved for further analysis, it is essential to carry out cryogenic grinding. The use of liquid nitrogen helps to embrittle the sample, thus improving its breaking properties, and preventing volatile substances from escaping due to the frictional heat produced by the grinding process.
  • Powerful Cutting Mill

    The SM 300 excels especially in the tough jobs where other cutting mills fail. It has a freely selectable speed range from 700 to 3,000 rpm with high torque. The mill is convenient to operate and easy to clean. Reliable and extremely efficient sample preparation in the laboratory is now guaranteed with the SM 300.
  • Sick with Dolls

    Traces of Heavy Metals in Toys
  • Sample Preparation of Electronic Scrap in the Context of RoHS and WEEE

    Since August 2004 new EU directives for the disposal of used electrical and electronic appliances as well as the restricted use of certain hazardous substances in these devices have become effective.
  • Sample preparation of electronic scrap with SM 2000 and ZM 200

    RETSCH mills in the context of RoHS and WEEE
  • Representative results require adequate sample preparation

    The following situation is typical for many production plants: After a routine quality check, the production process is stopped or an already produced batch is suspended, because the analysis results were not within the relevant critical values. But does the tested product really deviate from the specifications? The quality control managers are convinced of this because modern analysis instruments provide results with very low tolerances. The sample in question was tested several times and the result was confirmed. The question is why the product does not match the specifications although the production parameters have not been changed in any way.
    The possibility that the tested product is indeed deficient cannot be excluded. However, it is often not the product itself which causes irregular analysis results but a lack of understanding of the steps which come before the analysis.

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